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Mi nombre es Angel Luciano, me interesa la poesia, la musica, escribir y espero algun dia estar viajando por todo el mundo, o al menos por buena parte de el, me encanta la naturaleza pero no soy hippie, mato conejos y animales de Deus para comer, etc etc... no me mido para no herir mentesitas de la creacion asi que si me quieren leer, muy bien =).

Parental Hacking. 2012-01-11 |

Este es el tipo de padre que voy a ser:
I, for one, and being a parent, was proud the day my daughter grabbed root on her lubuntu installation so she could bypass the proxy in the house. She didn't rely upon "friends" to do it, she just went and did it. I instantly got her a decently decent gaming rig with two 6800 GT's in SLI (used on CL for damn cheap too). Now she's responsible for any installations that need to be done in the house. She doesn't understand AD yet and hasn't gotten past W2K8, but she was able to dump hashes. If she can do it on her workstation, I'll give her a couple of CUDA cards. My son? He just wants to play on the Wii. She wanted to watch a show and bypass the proxy that's transparent. Some Animae she's in love with. That was her drive, and she did it silently, did it after hours, and I walked in and was so damn proud and shocked she got root and then got the network topology down where she could bypass everything. A tear came to my eye. Yea, I encourage this sorta thing in my household.