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Mi nombre es Angel Luciano, me interesa la poesia, la musica, escribir y espero algun dia estar viajando por todo el mundo, o al menos por buena parte de el, me encanta la naturaleza pero no soy hippie, mato conejos y animales de Deus para comer, etc etc... no me mido para no herir mentesitas de la creacion asi que si me quieren leer, muy bien =).

The Awful Truth....

} When Winston Churchill asked the Oracle for help he pointed
} out that the Nazi salute was the hand sign for "paper" so
} all Churchill had to do was get his people to flash the
} 'scissors' sign (or V for Victory as he called it). Since
} scissors trumps paper the allies would win. Of course this
} all got muddled up when Stalin had his thug army start waving
} their fists around above their heads as a 'rock' symbol. So
} in the end Stalin could bash Churchill, but could be covered
} by Hitler, who could be cut up by Churchill. This explains how
} the USSR ended up with most of post-war Europe.

Asi paso, from the Internet oracle..... ._.


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